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China has child labor.


As well as 12 hour work days, roughly $1.68/hour minimum wage, no health regulations, no health benefits, no pollution control (16 of the 20 worst polluted cities are in China). It even engages in prison labor where prisoners don’t eat unless they reach a product quota.


China makes products for cheap.


The U.S. has overtime, minimum wage of at least $7.25/hour, health codes, health benefits, zoning requirements, building codes, and pollution regulations.


It costs to maintain regulations. The U.S. can’t make products for cheap.


That’s why we are shipping all of our business to China, and countries similar to it.


But we didn’t start this way. In fact in many ways we were just like China. In 1900 working conditions under the monopolies of Carnagie, Rockafeller, and Bell were almost identical to what China is today. However, unlike China, people took action against the conditions and created legislation such as the FDA (Food and Drug Administration), Anti-monopoly laws, The Fair Labor Standards Act, and other legislations that helped us become what we are today.


So how come China isn’t passing legislation like we did?


They can’t. They are under communist rule. The people in China don’t pass laws, and they don’t vote.


So they are stuck in the conditions we were in in the 1900′s.


Every time we purchase products from China we are allowing those conditions to compete against all of the regulations we have built up for ourselves here in the U.S.


And that is also why we have massive unemployment here in the U.S.


We won’t let ourselves work for less than minimum wage, but we will let the Chinese work for us for less than minimum wage, as a result, who get’s the job? China!


We can’t even compete, LEGALLY we can’t compete. If our citizens want the jobs, they not only have to leave the U.S, they have to compete against prisoners who don’t eat if they don’t reach quotas. That’s what our competition is.


The only way to bring back our jobs to the U.S. is to either drop our standards to match China’s, or to raise our standards for any foreign products that we allow into the U.S.


Now consider the following: What would happen if any business that ships to the U.S. operated under our same regulations? That means our companies in China would be paying their employees $7.50/hour while next-door employees are being paid $1.68/hour for the same job. Where would a Chinese citizen want a job? The U.S. business of course! The U.S.A. suddenly becomes the best thing to ever happen to their country. If our quality of business standards are good enough for us, shouldn’t they be good enough for people in China?


I really see this as the next step for our country and the world. We need to create a standard of commerce that we the people of the United States require for all countries who participate.


If you agree, please comment below.

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