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There is a new way of doing business that is REVOLUTIONIZING how small businesses do business, how successful they are, and even if they can stay afloat. I constantly run into businesses that still operate on a very traditional model, and they are all feeling a need to change.

Consider this conversation I recently had with the owner of a fine art gallery that recently closed it’s location in the mall, ending a 10 year era of business and it’s iconic role in the community.

At it’s peak the gallery alone was enjoying a cool six figures, but with the turn of the economy over the past 6 years the gallery now loses money monthly, and it was time to close.

“Our online sales are what saved our business,” claimed the owner. “it’s a different animal all together. If I hadn’t made the decision a few years ago the business would be in the same situation as this gallery.”

The NEW Way Of Doing Business

Getting your business online is just one facet of what is now becoming a standard for today’s small businesses. What all of these successful modern small businesses have in common is that they leverage one key component:


Today’s small business uses technology more so than any other generation of business. Technology is the difference between a local “Ma and Pa Shop” and a mini online multi-million dollar empire. Getting your business online exposes your business to world markets. Automating your web and email marketing retains and converts customers like never before. Managing your team with software means enhanced communication and tighter project fulfillment. Technology has transformed small business.

It is not hard to get started. Here is a list of the softwares we recommend to our clients and that we use personally:

Project Management: Skype, Basecamp

Marketing: Infusionsoft

Web Presence: WordPress


See It In Action

If you’re curious to see these softwares in action, and the difference they are making for small businesses we recommend you start by watching this presentation provided by InfusionSoft:

Ending the Insanity of Small Business

The presentation covers most of the headaches that small businesses run into as they realize they are still doing so many simple tasks manually.

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