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Launch your Website Fast

The internet is the world’s new market place. How is your online presence?

In today’s fast paced and heavily targeted industry, competing online is becoming more and more critical.

The internet is also today’s landmine for amassing fortunes. Individuals, small companies, and large companies, all experience huge returns on investments due solely to their online presence.

More so than ever, it is important to create a strong online presence fast, and affordably.

In this article we showcase Elegant Themes, our choice for professional, quality, and very much affordable website templates.

Why You Should Use Elegant Themes

1. It’s WordPress – WordPress gives you content management for free, not to mention thousands of easy installation plugins.

2. It’s Professional – as the name suggests, Elegant Themes makes a point of producing quality designed sites.

3. They are the most affordable out there – This is where Elegant Themes really shines. There are plenty of other theme sites on the internet, all offering really nice and high quality themes, however Elegant Themes dominates the price for your dollar game. For the price of one quality theme ($40) you gain access to all of Elegant Themes’ 70 themes.

Elegant Themes WordPress Example

Here's a great example of Elegant Themes!

We really found that last point hard to compete against. However if you still aren’t able to find a theme that fits your needs, we recommend next. ThemeForest is the leading marketplace for website themes, including more than just wordpress.

If you still can’t find a theme you are looking for, your next best option is to hire a designer to build it for you. This will be the most expensive option. A good custom wordpress site sales for about $3k in today’s fair market. Even considering the time it would take to pay a designer minimum wage to produce a website as robust as just one of the Elegant Theme themes shows the amazing value offered by this company.

Launching Your Site

How would you like to have your wordpress theme set up, hosted, ready to go, with no hassle to you?

Here at Start Doing Business we have done this process dozens of times.

If you’d like us to do this for you, let us know.
Just use the Business Consulting form on the right.

Here is the link to Elegant Themes, we invite you to browse their collection of themes. Start Doing Business is an affiliate of Elegant Themes, so we will get paid on your purchase. We always recommend products that we personally use and we feel are good business decisions.


  • Scott Wiser

    My favorite post yet. Just last week, I had someone asking me to design their website (in such a way that they could change anything on it, with limited knowledge) and I really don’t have much time for that at the moment. Long story short : this solution was perfect! Thanks.

    • Zach Smith

      Thanks Scott! Sorry for the late reply. There’s definitely a trade-off for time and money. How’s life treating you nowadays?

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