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Why it’s so impressive

A closer look at InfusionSoft

InfusionSoft has been making a lot of waves in the marketing community lately. Just recently they received $50 Million from Goldman Sachs in funding, and they have a pretty impressive line of supporters and users, including Daymond John founder of FUBU, a global franchise, whose net worth alone is over $250 Million. This is a software that can handle massive corporate loads yet designed and priced for small businesses.

We use InfusionSoft extensively here at It is our platform of choice when doing online product launches, and in less than a week’s worth of time we have orchestrated launches using InfusionSoft that have netted over $1.4 Million.

Here is a quick look at what exactly InfusionSoft does:

InfusionSoft is a cloud based software that automates many marketing essentials, including:

  • customer resource management (CRM),
  • e-commerce,
  • affiliate tracking,
  • and email marketing.

What this means for you and your business

Customer Resource Management

Imagine being able to keep track of all of your customers, leads, and business acquaintances,  including their contact information, involvement, and history with your business easily, and then be able to turn around and automatically reach out, nurture, and notify specific groups of your customers based on how they’ve interacted with your company.

Let’s say someone was about to purchase one of your products, then decided against it. Would you remember to reach out to that person a day, then a week, then a month, and then a year later to invite them back? InfusionSoft does this automatically. Whether it’s a friendly reminder, or a massive campaign full of surveys, discounts, promotions, and follow-ups, InfusionSoft let’s you create and launch as many nurturing campaigns as you’d like.


InfusionSoft automatically integrates with the largest merchant account and payment gateway providers so that you can easily and quickly put your products online. Once your customers have purchased, it’s right back to the nurturing campaigns; automatically follow-up with opportunities, discounts, and up-sells. You can easily view charts and reports on your customers and products.

Affiliate Tracking

Affiliate tracking is an essential part of what we do in our product launches at When we launch a product we try and get as many high quality affiliates to send qualified traffic to the product, and this requires a robust system for keeping track of who sent which customer. InfusionSoft handles this effortlessly, and includes an affiliate portal where affiliates can see stats on their sales.

If you are new to affiliate marketing, we highly recommend you look into it. Basically think of it as incentivizing tons of people to spread the word about your product.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an essential part of nurturing campaigns, and is the most effective form of marketing available. Compare it to all the other forms of marketing, such as TV, Radio, Print Ads, and even newer forms such as Social Media and Web Ads. There is essentially no cost to send someone an email, and once you are in contact with a customer through email you can easily reach out to them multiple times.

InfusionSoft automates this process, while helping you make sure your emails are within anti-spam regulations. Many small businesses get flagged as spam because they aren’t familiar with the right regulations, and InfusionSoft handles all of this for you.

And more…

InfusionSoft is constantly coming out with new upgrades and adding additional tools to their platform, such as the new My Day appointment scheduler that integrates with your InfusionSoft contacts, or their App Marketplace that features hundreds of third party addons.

InfusionSoft also holds a conference twice a year called InfusionCon, which is a great place to meet other InfusionSoft users and business owners, and to discover more brilliant ways of automating and growing your business.


Get Started

We recommend you get started using InfusionSoft right away.

Click here to get started using InfusionSoft now!

If you’d like to learn more, click here to attend a webinar where InfusionSoft explains in detail how you can free up your time by automating your business.

If you need help getting setup, and learning how to use it in your specific business send us an email at, or call Trent Barber who is our InfusionSoft contact at 480-499-6877 and mention


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