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There are three categories of people:

Those who do what they love: These tend to be the free spirited, artistic types. Money isn’t a priority for them, and they would rather be true to themselves. Unfortunately, there comes a time when even these people feel the restraint of not being able to do everything they would love to do because they lack the money. Sometimes this includes eating or paying rent. It’s at times like these that this type converts into one of the other two types.

Those who do what society is willing to pay money for: Depending who you ask, this type could be described as either earning a noble living, or selling themselves out. Either way, they are doing something they don’t want to be doing in exchange for money. They tend to see the first type as irresponsible or crazy. Most people fall under this category.

Those who make money doing what they love: This is what most of us hope to do, have convinced ourselves it IS what we are doing, believe is not achievable, and for the rare few, it is what we are actually doing. To one degree or another, there will always be some compromise between what we would really love to be doing and the things the society is actually willing to pay for, however, this compromise eventually will become quite minimal. For those who venture out to find this middle ground most likely at one point or another realize they are not making any money or they are not doing what they want to be doing. Like any worthwhile achievement, it takes practice to learn the art of making money doing what you love.


How to make money doing what you love:

Whether you are in the first or second category doesn’t matter. What matters is that you recognize where you are, and start moving toward the third category. If you are currently doing what you love, but you aren’t making any money at it, you need to start actively researching what society is willing to pay money for and start charging money for it. If you currently are making money, but you don’t love what you do, you need to rapidly assess if there are any opportunities in your career that you would love to have and start making major strides towards those opportunities. If you find after your assessment that there aren’t any opportunities, it might be time for you to convert into the first category and work from there, or find a new job and again assess the opportunities.

When I was first discovering my way as an entrepreneur, there were several occasions when I was approached by multi-millionaires and offered positions in their businesses. In every instance, I knew the position was not something I would love doing. I turned down the offers and didn’t mention that I had turned down the offers to people who would probably have not approved. (However, I’m not married. If you ARE married I would highly recommend that you discuss any of your financial decisions with your spouse!) Saying no to these offers was absolutely critical in me arriving to where I am at now. If you never move away from your current situation you find it really rare that your situation moves away from you.


Take action!

If you have found that you are not in the category you want to be in, I invite you to take action. Reaching out into the unknown is a necessary step in this process, however, there are things you can do to make these steps easier to take.

Get inspired – Watch and learn from the people who have done it. And do this frequently. The more you fill your mind with the stories of the successful the better capable you will be to spot those opportunities in your own life.

Challenge yourself – Set goals and make progress towards your goals. Even if you don’t achieve your goals, you will still have made progress. This progress will add up.

Don’t give up – I’m not saying to do what you love and to keep doing that until society pays you for it. I’m not saying that. There may very well be things that you love to do that no one in society wants to pay you for. What I’m saying is to never give up reaching for things that you love to do and that society WILL pay you for. Given the choice between this and staying in the other two categories, it is always worth it.

Good luck, you have my best wishes.


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