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Some great site designs to keep in mind while building your own!

This site is very bold and very simple. They showcases their product very well. The take away: Make your products beautiful, then don’t be afraid to show them off.


This site uses two toned wood texture and ribbons. Wood and ribbons are design themes that are not likely to go away anytime soon. If your product is appropriate, consider using them.


Even though this site features about the same amount of products as any other site, this site has done a good job appearing like a larger company simply through positioning its design elements. It also achieves a sense of activity through the scrolling check marks.


This site is a good example of the product|feature layout used by Apple.


This site is a good example of a strong color theme, in this case orange.


Just a few strong elements can really make your website look professional. In this case simply showing an engaging image next to a quality icon achieves this effect.


Notice how the blurred colored background with glowing letters in the header creates instant intrigue.


This site demonstrates how a quality texture and an impressive image can be all you need to quickly put together a quality site.


This site uses the paralax effect, a cool technology entering today’s website marketplace. This effect still needs to prove itself to the traditional web layout, but for the early adapters it can be a cool feature.


This site demonstrates an elegantly styled landing page while your product is under construction.


  • Scott Wiser

    Great Sites! Very inspirational. They are so simple yet I can tell a ton of work and thought went into them.

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